To desire is human, to focus on what is desired above all things leads to the divine.

An American Conversion, by Deal W. Hudson (2003) recounts how one man sought the truth of beauty he found outside but not separated from the Scriptures. Religion, in particular, Catholicism found voice in art, music, literature, drama, and even in architecture long before science discovered ways to elevate mind over body. Hudson shares a few gems from authors whose sexual desires materialized in their body of works a in their longing for God. Authors who desired absolute truths, and opened their eyes to choices where truth and beauty can lead those of us longing for what lies beyond what we see with our eyes.

Hudson shares a few unexpected, but transformative experiences in his personal journey from preaching Scripture to living with the real presence of Christ in the Mass, a celebration of the Eucharist which is pretty much the same as it was 2,000 years ago.And the history of the Church appealed to Hudson’s senses.  He writes as did G.K. Chesterton: “The Church really is ‘the thing’ that Chesterton once called it, a reality that was established by the life and death of Christ and made present to all souls, regardless of their beliefs. The Church is always there, not so much behind the sin and dissent but in its very midst!”

James Hitchcock, a historian at St. Louis University, wrote in his letter to Deal Hudson: “ “When one becomes a Catholic, one in effect enters into unity with the Church in its widest sense – not only the geographical breadth that exists at present but also all the ages which have gone before…A certain historical-mindedness is a great advantage for a Catholic, hence being a scholar is also an advantage. However, for the religious clay one finds in one’s local community, one can always travel across the centuries to enter in unity with the great saints and theologians.”

To desire is human, to focus on what is desired above all things desireable on earth, leads Deal W. Hudson to the divine. There are many more gems in his tale of An American Conversion. Read, reflect, don’t miss out on what’s possible.

Hudson, Deal (2003) An American Conversion: One Man’s Discovery of Beauty and Truth in Times of Crisis. N Y A Crossword Book


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