Green is the new Gold, in Colorado

Plato wrote in his 8th Republic book (ca 380 B.C.), of Socrates theorizing moral character of a society’s relation to the nature of its political community, e.g. “Tyranny arises out of democracy when the desire for freedom to do what one wants becomes extreme.”

Alexis de Tocqueville described mores found in the American character in his Democracy of America (1835), as ‘habits of the heart.’ He wrote that the strong family life, religious traditions, and participation in local politics could create and sustain a wider community and ultimately support free institutions. But he also warned that an aspect of American individualism could undermine such unity and drive isolated American conditions of freedom.

By second half of the 20th Century, American freedom becomes a world in which moral ideals in conflict becomes the matter of technical problem processing and solving by the therapist and the manager. Thus the manager and the therapist define American culture, which is based on individual consumer capitalism. Manager and therapist do not address mores or morality, rather they offer standards of life with character ideals and the methods for attaining them according to individual criteria.

Bellah, Robert N. and Madsen, Richard et al., (1996). Habits of the Heart, Individualism and Commitment in American Life. Published by University of California Press. Berkeley

“If they want it, let them have it.” SCOTUS decision on civil marriage and Progressive Liberal’s Obama / Clinton Democratic Party Platform on abortion and legalized suicide. And now we have legalized marijuana to change the brains of future generations, those that survive the abortionist’s vacuum or Big Pharma’s chemical “cure”.



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